Laser metal cutting by "Bystronic" devices

"Promet" LTD. offers laser metal cutting services performed on relevant devices produced by a globally renowned manufacturer - "Bystronic". 

Laser cutting is a technology of heat treatment used with metal sheets. A laser beam is formed upon the source of emission and is directed through a mirror towards the cutting unit, where it becomes focused and forms an extremely powerful, yet low-diameter circle beam.  A focused beam then collides with the metal and melts it. 

Laser cutting has a very broad scope of use. Aside from rolling slabs, you can cut pipes and frames with it. But it is used, before everything, in treatment of certain metals: plain steel, stainless steel and aluminium. It can cut through a sheet with thickness range from 1 to 20mm. You can read more about the advantages of laser metal cutting here...  

Technology containers for telecommunication and energetic equipment

In the fourth quarter of 2014, "Promet" LTD. have brought to fruition a number of big projects for the companies like:

  • "Kazakhtelecom" JSC - 29 technology containers with the dimensions of 3000x2500x2700 mm;
  • "KazTeleRadio" JSC - 40 technology containers with the dimensions of 3200x2700x2700 mm;
  • "Borusan Makina" LLP - - 8 technology containers with the dimensions of 8000x2400x2600 mm. The end customer for those containers is the lead oil extraction company in Kazakstan by the name of "Tengizchevroil". 

Gross volume of output amounts to 77 housing containers for telecommunicational and energetical use, employed by respective companies! More about different containers production...

New product - climate case (mini-shelter)

In July, 2013, new item was successfully produced by "Promet" metalwork plant - a climate case (aka compact shelter or mini-shelter). A climate case is designed for housing of communication hardware, uninterruptive power supply units, power cells and other equipment located outside base network stations, server rooms and the likes. 

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Block-modular buildings successfully installed

In November, 2012, a group of workers from "Promet" LTD. have successfully executed installation of several block-modular buildings on the site № GPP220/35/10 produced for Aktobe ferroalloy plant, which is an affiliate of "KazChrome" JSC MNC. All works were performed in time, according to the operation schedule. 

The order was fulfilled quickly, with high quality and in full. More info about block-modular buildings... 

A new product - "block-modular building"

In July, 2012, a new type of product - block-modular building - was successfully produced at "Promet" metalwork plant. This kind of buildings are meant for equipment housing, and are used with bus-and-switch structures, network hubs, control centers, dispatch units etc. A block-modular building was successfully assembled and furnished with light fixtures and climate system. User Acceptance Testings were carried out successfully. The design and the quality of assembly was endorsed by quality control committee issued by the Contractor. Read more about block-modular buildings here...