Welding works

ТОО "Промет"

Metal welding is a part of steel structures and metalworks production technology. After bending, an item goes to the welding area. Our plant is equipped with newest professional welding equipment, and, including the size and the furnishment of our welding area, you can easily call it a full-house welding plant. 

After having been welded, all parts undergo surface conditioning and deseaming, after which they are further prepared for coating. 

Here is the list of metal welding technologies and relevant gear that we use at our welding area:

  • Semi-automatic welding in CO2 environment (performed with use of consumable electrodes in CO2 environment);
  • Argon-arc welding with alternate current for aluminium alloys welding (it is a combination of gas and electric welding used in argon environment);
  • Argon-arc welding with direct current for stainless steel welding;
  • Contact welding (heating and coupling of elements with aid of a current that flows through the coupling points).

By sticking to the precise technology of metal welding we provide high durability for metallic structures along with reliability and long-term intactness!