2007 - Grand Opening

The grand opening of our plant took place in 2007. A whole metalwork facility was established literally from the scratch. Despite all the initial hardships, most precise, powerful and modern pieces of metal processing equipment were purchased: a Swiss laser metalcutter, an accurate cutting-out press, a brand new crop shear, an Italian coating booth etc. All the equipment was acquired exclusively from the top-reputed European manufacturers. The "Promet" metalwork plant was constructed by a group of enthusiasts on a sheer countryside wilderness in the proximity of a locality named Pokrovka, Almaty region. From the very beginning this plant posed a good competition upon the other metal production plants in Kazakhstan. 

The plant was built for production of compact infrastructure solutions, including communication shelters (also known as mini-shelters), metal containers, block-modular buildings etc.). The founders of "Promet" were thoroughly aware of the fact that Kazakhstan, being a vast country, will have as one of its prime problems the construction and development of its infrastructure for some decades on; any pipeline, any automobile road or railway, as well as any communication line are liable to be supported with a communication network that consists of so-called "unattented" communication hubs set up at appropriate intervals from one another. The main goal posed was to organize the production of vandal-proof, quality containers that could enclose the equipment of such a hub in them, as well as to produce the block-modular buildings for electric substations and the likes.   

Metalworks production is a highly complex technological process. Such constructions are to show a high level of quality in terms of durability, longevity, stability and all-weatherness. Our solution are primarily oriented to telecommunication, transport and oil companies. We were the best metalwork plant in Kazakhstan from the very start, and we're still doing everything to keep that position in future!

2010 - Keeping up the good work

We're proud to be number one metalwork plant in Kazakhstan with the most modern technical equipment at hand, and the ability to produce most complex, yet quality items. 

During the first years of activity we accumulated our invaluable experience and kept improving our metalworks' quality standards. We managed to organize our production resources in order to manufacture complex items to fulfill the challenge posed by some of our most demanding customers like "TengizChevroil" - the leader of oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan. We're always paying utmost attention to our clients' needs and we always tend to be in line with the finest factories and plants of Kazakhstan. 

We've acquired The State Certificate of Quality "ST-KZ" which confirms that our metalworks and steel structures are 96% made of Kazakhstan raw materials and undergo relevant processing. It also gives us the possibilty to take part in tenders on special terms. 

As we keep our high standards in terms of production process and personnel, we can frankly declare the achievement of a whole new level of quality. Our ways have earned us the acknowledgement and respect of our dear customers, as well as a good share on Kazakhstan metalworks market and a Certificate of Quality Management. 

2014 - Operation excellence

We're constantly working to make metalworks production process utterly rational on every stage. In November, 2014 we've initiated the process of implementing "The Rational Production" system. We've also been awarded a grant from The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development that we used for implementation of the "Kaizen" system by inviting competent consultants. The "Kaizen" system is a system of constant quality, organizational and technological improvement that helps to maintain corporative culture, increase labor effectiveness and reliability of the personnel by raising its leadership qualities and developing other business aspects. Those are the things we've been pursuing since the very establishment of our plant. 

We could also say with pride that during last years we've managed to form a reliable team of highly qualified specialists. Our personnel policy has led to the elimination of staff turnover and other manpower problems. As of now, all employees on all levels of our organizational structure feel safe for their jobs and work as a team. This, in turn, helped to further rationalize the whole process of metalworks manufacture.  

Strict discipline, clean working space and orderly locales, financial stability and constant increase of our production power - that's the result of our effective management!