Job career at "Promet"

ТОО "Промет"

"Promet" metalwork plant has been established in 2007 (more on the history of company...) and has been continuously maintaining high quality standards towards its products and personnel ever since. Undoubtedly, competent staff is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of any enterprise. Our workers' expertise, along with the rich expereince of senior management and high-tech manufacturing solutions are the cornerstones of our success.  

Selection criteria.

As any expanding company out there, we're constantly increasing our ranks. 

When we hire people, be it for labor or for administrative work, we exercise a very strict policy. However, we pay good salary. Qualification of a candidate in his scope is the most important factor that we consider while hiring. He who handles all work assignments well is as good as gold for us, for metallic structures production is a very precise, technical process that imposes great responsibility over the involved! 

Another important factor is one's mind flexibilty and his will to train and improve his skills further, so that he would do his job better and better in future, and so that he could easily opt in for any adequate needs of a client. The ability to quickly react in emergency situations and the ability to resolve unforeseen subtasks is also highly appreciated. 

Primary selection is performed by a job interview, where the feats of a candidate are evaluated. In case of a  successful interview, a candidate is given a task relevant for his qualification, results of which are the main criteria for making final decision on employment, whether positive or negative. 

Prospects for advancement.

We treat each and every one of our employees with equal respect, regardless of his/her age, professional experience or ethnicity. It could be firmly said that prospects for advancement of any employee increase in direct ratio to his/her will to train and grow professionally. When a new employee starts his internship, we thoroughly accompany him through all the productional stages present on the plant; he gets familiar with our organizational structure, he gets his own working space, he gets a rundown on the working basics. Whenever one has a hard time handling something during the period of adaptation, or he has some questions, we give him a hand and get him through it. We keep a keen eye on the professional and personal growth of our any employee, and we're always ready to get him one step up the career ladder. 

Conclusion: anybody who qualifies for fulfilling our productional tasks is able to get employed. Then, as he works ardently and improves his skills, he can gradually go up the ladder from a simple laborer to a workshop manager, increasing the amount of salary with every step.  

Here's a real story that has occurred at our plant: 

A young lad who could weld and construct containers came once to our plant and wondered if he could rent some square meters for operation. As we had more than enough spare meters back then, we've complied with his request. As the time went on, the lad started to hire people and commanded them, and so his enterprise started to expand. We had been watching him since the beginning, and we've decided to invite him to our plant as a foreman of container assembly teams. This lad has grown from a simple laborer into a workshop manager, and he is now a full-fledged member of our staff. He's one of the best mid-tier executives that work currently at the plant.   

Organizational climate.

We lay emphasis on building our team, so we cherish and utterly care for our employees. Aside from a good salary, our every employee has two personal sets of high-quality uniform. There is always order and cleanness in the workshop. We care greatly for the availability of tools and continuous operation of all machines, so any sudden problem gets handled immediately. 

We permit anyone to make their contribution to the development of our company and recognize themselves as true team members. We appreciate any valuable commitment to the common cause. Our employees can be present on the senior staff meeting, and they can participate in the discussion of the development strategy of the plant. Any employee has the right to offer his rational proposals to the community regarding technical or administrative activities of the plant. If such a proposal is then implemented, he gets financial reward. 

We also significantly subsidize the nutrition for our employees (for example, a lunch in our cafeteria costs mere 100 tenge) and we plan to organize transportation of our employees to their houses in near future. 

Hence, if you're a professional who's really fond of his job and if you practice responsible approach towards your labor - you will be welcome here! You will easily blend into our friendly team and you'll become its inalienable part.