Laser cutting

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Laser metal cutting technology is an important breakthrough that delivered a significant impact to the sphere of metal cutting (sheet works). Laser cutting has a range of undeniable advantages in comparison with the conventional methods of metal cutting:

  • absence of any physical impact on the processed material while cutting;
  • highly concentrated laser beam is able to cut through almost any material despite its thermophysical properties; 
  • very precise laser unit positioning (0,08mm) allows for highly accurate interlocation of billet elements; 
  • can be used with easy-deformable and  flexible parts; 
  • diameter of the beam is 0,25mm; it is able of cutting holes with the diameter of 0,50mm and more; 
  • the beam's extensive power makes this method highly productive; 
  • by means of laser cutting you can slice almost any plate along a very complex contour. 

As you know, a straight beam can bring objects to high levels of temperature. Laser beam is one of straight beam types that is characterized by tiny diameter and high intensity of the ray. Any metal surface or other thick object will heat upon contact with the beam. The temperature there is so high that the metal starts melting at the point of impact. During the melting, surface parts adjacent to the point of contact remain unaffected, though heated up. By slowly moving the beam we can achieve thinnest cuts with an extremely thin edge; the edge's processing quality will always be high regardless of the metal's grade or thickness. 

ByStar4020 laser metalcutter is a whole complex of machinery intended for laser metal cutting. It is a modern solution apt for split-second, precision metal cutting that is used in mass production of sheet metalworks. 

Beam intensity of 4 kWt is powerful enough to work with metal sheets up to 25mm in thickness with machining accuracy of 50 micrometers and cutting speed of up to 50m a minute.