2014 - Operation excellence

We're constantly working to make metalworks production process utterly rational on every stage. In November, 2014 we've initiated the process of implementing "The Rational Production" system. We've also been awarded a grant from The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development that we used for implementation of the "Kaizen" system by inviting competent consultants. The "Kaizen" system is a system of constant quality, organizational and technological improvement that helps to maintain corporative culture, increase labor effectiveness and reliability of the personnel by raising its leadership qualities and developing other business aspects. Those are the things we've been pursuing since the very establishment of our plant. 

We could also say with pride that during last years we've managed to form a reliable team of highly qualified specialists. Our personnel policy has led to the elimination of staff turnover and other manpower problems. As of now, all employees on all levels of our organizational structure feel safe for their jobs and work as a team. This, in turn, helped to further rationalize the whole process of metalworks manufacture.  

Strict discipline, clean working space and orderly locales, financial stability and constant increase of our production power - that's the result of our effective management!